This is certainly a first… a song inspired by beer (and not 99 bottles, which is what comes to my mind).

Experimental musician, Julianna Barwick, has a new muse, and its the frothy, creamy, hoppy and sometimes sour beverage that we all enjoy: beer. 

Barwick has teamed up with Dogfish head brewers for her own IPA called “Rosabi,” which has notes of red rice and wasabi. She’s released the collaborated piece as an EP called Rosabi. 

Now what is interesting to me is this sounds like a siren singing under water, and nothing about this makes me think of beer. Pitchfork points out that the music features sounds from the actual brewing process. Not enough of a tie in for me, but if it does it for you, you will receive a 6-pack of Barwick beer (limited to 1,000 physical copies) if you purchase the EP! 

If you want a sip of Rosabi, take a listen to “Meet You at Midnight.” 

Personally, I like my IPAs with a kick, and this just doesn’t have it, although the idea alone is unique and impressive. 

In the mood for something sweet to go with your beer? 

Try out these delicious gourmet caramels, taffy, and candies, appropriately named Beer Candy! 

Beer Candy makes their treats with real American craft beer and offers different styles depending on your brew of choice.

Into hops? Try the Hopdrops which is a candied combination of bitter and sweet flavored with real hop oil. Or try their beertaffy: the IPA style is light and slightly hoppy. They also have a dark and roasty stout option, sold together! 

If you’re into caramels, they sell a 6-piece assortment with two of each flavor: stout, IPA and lager. 

Prices range from $6 to $8 for a package. 

It’s the perfect gift for a beer lover with a sweet tooth! 

How awesome are these utensils? Beer and food come together (as well as the genius minds of the creators, Kevin Newburg & Stephen Grinalds. They recently hit their goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter, but aren’t selling yet on their website. Argh! I want to eat and open a beer all in one! 


During a long layover in Denver following my short 2014 New Years trip there with my boyfriend, I found myself drinking a delicious pint of Mojo IPA by Boulder Beer Company and reading a book that was a gift from my mother for Christmas, Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher. Chapter 7 is all about beer style pairings with all types of food, and a lovely inset about cheese caught my eye. My friend and major foodie, Jared Taylor, has a knack for catering his own dinner parties and donating all the left over admission money (prices range from $10 - $25, depending on the meal). I quickly texted him about how we should do a cheese and beer pairing party, and within moments, we already had the framework.

And that was how #Cheezefest was decided upon.

Yes, some amazing decisions come from being a bit busy. 

I went through and gathered the tasting notes of these particular beer styles, such as nutty, crisp, chocolatey, sweet or hoppy. Jared and I went to Tony Darts Away in Burbank, which has a suburb beer collection and the best “make your own flight” option in the valley (hands down). Two flights and 8 beers later, we gathered the 6 best styles for a small and intimate cheese & beer pairing party. Jared went to the cheese shop in Silverlake and selected cheeses that had similar notes that would compliment their beer pairing. I found 6 beers made solely in California; my intention of course is that if I am going to be teaching craft beer n0obies about particular styles, I should be as local and craft as possible. 

$10 admission covered most of the costs, and that’s okay because I totally overestimated how much beer would be needed (yes, we all got a little drunk). Needless to say, it was a night of education, laughs, and damn good cheese! Can’t wait to do it again, but maybe with more food this time… 

Saison Rue by the Bruery: Midnight Moon (goat) - Holland

Angeleno IPA by Angel City Brewery: Beemster (cow) gouda - Holland

Get Up Offa That Brown Ale by Golden Road Brewery: Zamorano (sheep) - Spain

Mission Amber by Mission Brewery: La Marachel (raw cow) - Switzerland

Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean by Stone: Idiazabal (sheep) - Spain

Raspberry Honey Ale by Spanish Peaks Brewing Company: Marscapone (cow) - Trader Joes


Cheese and beer pairing party was a success, thanks to the help of @Jaredbtaylor! #cheezefezt


Cheese and beer pairing party was a success, thanks to the help of @Jaredbtaylor! #cheezefezt